Skilled Tech, Developer, Administrator and Security Analyst

This is Jack Szwergold’s technical portfolio and calling card.

If you are interested in my non-technical creative work—writing, visual art and such—please check out my other website, Last Place Champ.


Here are some simple projects I’ve done to stretch my skills and show off my front-end design and engineering skills:

  • Mosaic: Dynamically generated image mosaics using record album artwork as the basis. Reload the page to view another random image.
  • Mosaic (JavaScript): This is an EmberJS (JavaScript) version of the Mosaic project that uses an EmberJS front-end to pull data in from the PHP backend of Mosaic. The benefit of this method is the page does not have to be reloaded for new data to be pulled in; client side JavaScript handles it all.
  • ASCII: Dynamically generated ASCII art images which were created using PHP, the GD graphics library, HTML and CSS. Reload the page to view another random image.
  • Slider: This simple slider—which works well on desktop as well as mobile browsers—is something I created using jQuery and CSS3 WebKit extensions.
  • Floating Cube (JavaScript): The core HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding for a floating cube concept developed for an Apache Cordova app.
  • Nine Dots (JavaScript): The core HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding for a nine dots concept developed for an Apache Cordova app.


I’m a highly skilled software developer, Unix systems administrator and overall systems engineer with 20+ years of experience which includes a strong professional history in the art, publishing and non-profit world.

Excellent set of skills for DevOps as well as Level 2/3 support and related software development. Very comfortable working in the terminal console on Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS and Solaris environments. Can install/configure software packages from core repositories as well as compile binaries from source on most any platform. Adept at Unix/Linux shell scripting and other sundry programming languages, protocols and frameworks such as:

  • JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, EmberJS, Scriptaculous and Prototype)
  • PHP (Flat and OOP, Zend, Codeigniter, Symfony and Laravel)
  • Ruby (Flat and OOP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Apache Cordova (Flat and Ionic Framework)
  • MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and other relational and non-relational database systems.
  • Java, Elasticsearch, Solr, Nutch, Hadoop, etc…

I work primarily on the Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X platforms but have deep experience with many different flavors of Unix/Linux spanning back to the early 1990s. So I can jump onto the terminal console and maneuvering around to get the job done regardless of OS.


  • PGP Public Key • Is available here.
  • Mail • P.O. Box 325, Village Station, NY 10014-0325


Here is a list of some online tech communities—as well as my LinkedIn profile and GitHub repository—you are free to check out if you wish.