By Jack Szwergold • September 14, 2015

For email testing, you can use MailCatcher which is a great tool which runs a simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to display in a web interface. Excellent for email process debugging. To install the Ruby GEM for it run this command:

sudo gem install mailcatcher

Now, uninstall the currently installed i18n GEM—if it is already installed—due to incompatibility issues:

sudo gem uninstall i18n

And reinstall it as the stable, 0.6.11 version:

sudo gem install i18n -v 0.6.11

Then run it like this to bind to

mailcatcher --http-ip=

Or run it like this to bind to any port on the host:

mailcatcher --http-ip=

Setting your code to send SMTP mail to port 1025 on localhost will send it to MailCatcher. And to view mails, just go to port 1080 on that server via a web browser like this: