PHP - Acquia Dev Desktop

By Jack Szwergold • December 15, 2016

MySQL Specific Stuff

Acquia Dev Desktop MySQL Binary Path


Default Acquia Dev Desktop MySQL host and port:

Acquia Dev Desktop MySQL runs with a password-less root account so a simple connection would be something like this:

mysql -uroot --host= --port=33067

Or expclicitly use the bundled MySQL client binary like this:

/Applications/DevDesktop/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot --host= --port=33067

So a database can be imported like this:

mysql -uroot --host= --port=33067 some_website_db < /path/to/databases/some_website_db.sql

And a GZipped directory can be imported like this:

gunzip < /path/to/databases/some_website_db.sql.gz | mysql -uroot --host= --port=33067 some_website_db