By Jack Szwergold • September 16, 2015

Install Sysstat.

Install the Sysstat utilities to monitor system statistics via aptitude:

sudo aptitude install sysstat

Basic munin usage items.

Control sysstat:

sudo service sysstat reload
sudo service sysstat restart
sudo service sysstat start
sudo service sysstat stop

Clearing up “sadc not enabled…” errors.

If you get this message:

sadc not enabled in /etc/default/sysstat, not starting.

Then edit this file:

sudo nano /etc/default/sysstat

Then look for this and change the value of ENABLED from false to true:

# Should sadc collect system activity informations? Valid values
# are "true" and "false". Please do not put other values, they
# will be overwritten by debconf!

Clearing up “Invalid system activity file…” errors.

If you get a message like the following:

Invalid system activity file:/var/log/sysstat/sa14

Then just purge and re-install sysstat to get it back up and running:

sudo aptitude purge sysstat