Ubuntu - SMB Related Items

By Jack Szwergold • September 15, 2015

The basics.

Then install SMB/CIFS stuff via aptitude like this:

sudo aptitude install samba libpam-smbpass cifs-utils smbfs

The command to mount an SMB volume:

sudo mount -t cifs //123.456.789.0/someuser /home/someotheruser/someotheruser_mount -o user="someuser",password="[password]",nounix,sec=ntlmssp,noperm,rw

The command to unmount an SMB volume:

sudo umount //123.456.789.0/someuser

Check the running SAMBA status:


Using an .smbcredentials file.

Edit /etc/fstab and add your entry:

//server/share /pathto/mountpoint cifs credentials=/home/username/.smbcredentials,uid=shareuser,gid=sharegroup 0 0

Create the .smbcredentials file in your home directory:


Make sure you secure your ~/.smbcredentials file:

chmod 0600 ~/.smbcredentials

Finally, test the mount with:

sudo mount -a

And you should be good to go!

Samba and veto files.

Setting veto files tells Samba to veto the creation or copying of any files that matches the veto files. Basic example here:

; Veto any files containing the word Security,
; any ending in .tmp, and any directory containing the
; word root.
veto files = /*Security*/*.tmp/*root*/

An example appropriate for Netatalk servers is here:

; Veto the Apple specific files that a Netatalk server
; creates.
veto files = /.AppleDouble/.bin/.AppleDesktop/Network Trash Folder/